Here you can find a (non-exhaustive) list of my research interests in random order:
  • Online Learning
  • Adaptive Methods in Online Learning
  • Adaptive Methods for Bandit Problems


Exploiting the Surrogate Gap in Online Multiclass Classification. Preprint.
D. van der Hoeven. Submitted.
Comparator Adaptive Convex Bandits. Preprint.
D. van der Hoeven, A. Cutkosky, and H. Luo. Submitted.
Open Problem: Fast and optimal portfolio selection.
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User-Specified Local Differential Privacy in Unconstrained Adaptive Online Learning
D. van der Hoeven. Advances in Neural InformationProcessing Systems, 2019. Poster.
The Many Faces of Exponential Weights in Online Learning
D. van der Hoeven, T. van Erven and W. Kotłowski. Proceedings of the 31st Conference on Learning Theory (COLT), pp. 2067-2092, 2018. Poster. Short presentation. Long presentation.